Women's Hope Medical Clinic
I interned with Women's Hope for one semester in my senior year as a PR/Marketing Assistant. My responsibilities included updating social media pages, promoting awareness on campus, organizing documents for fundraisers, keeping contact with patrons and sponsors and organizing documents. It taught me a lot about the world of public relations and reassured me that this is the path I am supposed to take.
Working as a counselor with the YMCA for two years helped both my organization and public speaking skills, as well as gave me experience with problem solving and team building. My responsibilities were (primarily) looking after the children, assisting with cleaning and keeping the environment friendly and safe through peacekeeping methods.
Frankies Dairyette
I have waitressing experience which helped to sharpen my punctuality. It also gave me insight to customer relations and what teamwork truly means. My responsibilities as a waitress included serving customers, operating the cash register, cleaning (both at the end of the day and throughout) and some food preparation.